Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus Rechargeable Toothbrush Review – Very Impressive With Lots of Features

Years ago, my dentist told me a little while ago that I needed to take better care of my gums, so I upgraded my normal toothbrush to the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus.  I’m so glad I made the switch!  The thing that makes this rechargeable toothbrush so unique is its Gum Care mode.  This mode goes over your teeth for two minutes, then spends another minute specifically working on your gums. The head of this toothbrush is contoured to match the shape of your gums.   The brush even includes sonic technology, which was created to drive fluid to your gums.  To make sure the toothbrush stays clean, there’s a UV-light sanitizer built into the brush. All in all the package came with one toothbrush, two heads, a UV head sanitizer, a travel charger, a hard travel case, and two travel caps.

I have to say it felt a little strange at first to be brushing with so much technology after being used to a standard toothbrush, but it wasn’t a bad sensation!  I don’t think my teeth have ever felt as clean even right after a visit to the dentist.  The brush is very easy to use, making it easy to switch over from a standard toothbrush.  The battery has held up well so far, as have the heads.  The travel case that it came with is wonderful and makes packing it up a breeze.  I’ve found the brush to be easy to use and effective.


  • Gives Gums a Great Clean with Sonic Technology:   The way the brush directs water to the gums makes for a wonder clean feeling.  My gums feel amazing after I brush and I don’t end up with bits of food stuck anywhere.

  • Cleans Itself with UV Light: There’s no point in cleaning your teeth with a bacteria-filled brush.  With the automatic cleaning function I feel that I’m putting a new toothbrush in my mouth every time I brush.

  • Quieter than Other Electronic Tooth Brushes: While some electronic toothbrushes have a reputation for having a noisy motor, the Phillips Sonicare FlexCare Plus is very quiet.  I get up earlier than my family, so I was a bit worried about waking them up with a loud motor, but I haven’t had any problems.

  • Excellent Battery Life. The battery life for Sonicare Flexcare lasts about 42 different 2 minute sessions, which is a lot for a tiny brush. That means you could probably use it for a week or more without charging.

  • Comes with a Travel Case: This may sound like a small thing to rave about, but I love that this brush comes ready to travel.  The travel case is solid and fits the brush perfectly, making it easy to pack.  It’s nice to be able to use it on the go.


  • Takes a Little Time To Get Used to the Sonic Technology: While it’s not hard to learn how to use this toothbrush, the sonic cleaning gives a different sensation than what you’d feel with other toothbrushes.  I got used to this very quickly, though, and within a few days of using it I didn’t notice it at all.

  • Mode Button is in an Inconvenient Place: The button that you press to change to different cleaning speeds is located where you would naturally put your fingers.  It’s easy to bump it while you’re cleaning and change modes.  With a little time, though, it’s not hard to retrain your fingers to avoid the button.

I’ve really been thrilled with my Sonicare FlexCare Plus.  My teeth are cleaner and my gums are happier than they were before I bought it.  Philips really took care to include everything you’ll need with the package, so you’re set whether you’re traveling or at home.  I’d definitely recommend this product to anyone who’s looking for that “dentist clean” feeling every day.

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