Idol White Teeth Whitening Pens Review

Idol White Teeth Whitening Pens Review
Idol White Teeth Whitening Pens Review

Idol White is a popular teeth whitening product that has gotten a lot of attention in the media in the Idol white idol/-white recent years. Why? Because it’s endorsed by celebrities like Kim Kardashian (and her sisters). I generally avoid products endorsed by celebrities, if you’ve noticed…all the products I review on this website are mainly professional dentist-approved toothbrushes.

I was going to write this off as another lame product but my girlfriend Sarah bought a set after watching a late night informercial.. being the guy that owns a dental care/toothbrush blog, I decided to borrow her pen and so gave Idol White a try. The results were surprising and it resulted in this review.

Apart from using the best toothbrush ever everyday, I am pretty damn obsessed with keeping my teeth as bright and white as possible. And in my quest for pearly whites, I’ve tried pretty much every kind and brand of teeth whitening product on the market.

I’ve done bleaching trays, whitening strips, strange blue ultraviolet lights, you name it, and I’ve done it. Unfortunately, even the ones that do work all have the same major flaw: they’re kind of messy and at

times inconvenient.  But the Idol White Teen Whitening Pens are a completely different story.  Today I’m going to share my review with you, but first let me explain what they are.

How Do the Idol White Pens Work?

Idol White Teeth Whitening Pens Review
Real life picture of an unwrapped Idol White package – this is what it looks like.

As the name suggests, Idol White features a teeth whitening applicator that is shaped like a pen.  It features a unique and natural teeth whitening gel that can be applied in seconds with far more control than messy trays and strips.  And since the applicator and gel are self-contained, it can be conveniently stored in a pocket, purse or desk so that it’s ready to use whenever you are, wherever you are.

The main ingredients included in Idol White include the following:

    • Hydrogen Peroxide. An extremely gentle acid with oxidizing properties that act like a bleaching agent when used in our teeth whitening formula.
    • Carbomer. Another teeth whitening agent that works with a bleach-like effect on teeth.
    • Sodium Hydroxide: A pure white solution that speeds up the whitening process, allowing all other ingredients to be delivered more quickly.
    • EDTA. EDTA helps to purify teeth and remove many of the toxins that contribute to a yellow smile. When those toxins are removed, powerful teeth whitening can take place.
    • Peppermint Oil. This gives Idol White a pleasant taste leaving your breath smelling fresh after use.

Using Idol White is pretty simple. It’s a 4 step process.

1. Brush your teeth as usual to prepare it for the whitening treatment.
2. Uncap the whitening pen and apply it a thin layer on your front teeth.
3. Leave your teeth alone for at least 60 seconds.
4. Lastly, rinse your mouth with water and smile!

My Personal Experience with the Idol White Pens

Now that you know what the product is, you’re probably wondering about the answer to the million dollar question: does the product work? The answer is a resounding YES! Look, I’ve been using teeth whitening products for years, so I have a very good understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

My bathroom cabinets are a veritable graveyard for every kind of teeth whitening product you can imagine so I’ve definitely seen and done it all when it comes to consumer level whitening treatments.

Unfortunately, most of them were just horrible — either the strength of the hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel was too weak, or the delivery method was too sloppy like trays that didn’t fit or strips that wouldn’t stick.  And then you had some that were just bizarre, like the ones where you had to hold a bright blue “ultraviolet” light up to your teeth to “activate” the whitening gel.  Seriously?

My experience with the Idol White Teen Whitening Pens has been completely different though.  Because it’s shaped like a pen, you have complete control over the application process, so you can precisely apply the whitening gel directly onto the teeth you want to whiten, rather than having it squirt out of bleaching trays and onto your tongue or gums, which needless to say is a little painful, not to mention wasteful.

I also love that it’s so portable.  No messy syringes or trays to carry around and clean up — just pop the cap off, apply the gel to your teeth, snap the cap back on and back it goes into your pocket, purse, desk, glove compartment or wherever.

Best of all though, it simply works! Unlike the other teeth whitening products I’ve tried, I get far better and faster results because all of the gel is going directly onto my teeth, where it’s supposed to be!


  • Powerful hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel
  • Convenient pen shaped applicator
  • Better control and precision when applying the treatment
  • Only takes seconds to apply
  • No messy trays or strips


  • Results aren’t permanent, so you will have to periodically retreat your teeth for best results. Especially if you are a coffee drinker (like me!)

The Bottom Line

Overall I couldn’t be happier with my Idol White Teen Whitening Pens.  After trying so many different products over the years I was getting pretty discouraged and didn’t think I’d ever find a teeth whitening product that was actually easy to use. As you can probably tell, I’m a little annoyed with the hassle that comes with using teeth whitening trays etc.

In fact, I had gotten to the point where I was ready to just give in and shell out $500+ for a professional laser whitening treatment, but now I don’t need to because I know I can get great results whenever I want right from home.  Because of that, I’d have no reservations whatsoever recommending this product to anyone that is interested in getting professional quality teeth whitening results at home for a fraction of the cost.

Idol White Price and Information – Where Can You Buy It?

Idol White can be purchased online at their official website and payment options include Paypal, Amazon cart or a credit card. A month’s supply of Idol White only costs US $49.95. A 6 month supply is $149.95, which means you’re actually getting 3 months of Idol White for free. Essentially you save $149 with a larger 6 month order. Super cheap, when compared to professional teeth whitening treatments at the dentist.

Price tip: It pays to buy in bulk. I highly recommend getting a 6 month supply, not only because you’ll save a lot of money but because teeth whitening pens must be used regularly for best results. Click here to buy Idol White now.

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