Oral-B 3000 Professional Electric Toothbrush Review

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I really needed to brighten up my smile for a family reunion, so I decided to buy the Oral-B 3000 Professional Electric Toothbrush. Would it really help whiten my teeth in just two weeks, as Oral-B claims? Read on to find out. The 3000 model is a slick looking white and blue, battery powered toothbrush with a replaceable head. It includes a plug-in charging stand, which also holds four brush heads, making it a snap to keep everything organized and in easy reach.

The replaceable brush heads are available at local grocery stores and pharmacies, or you can order them online for the cheapest price. I highly suggest you replace the brush every three months to maximize the oral hygiene benefits of this unit.

What Do I Like About This Toothbrush?

What I like most about it is all the features Oral-B included. They really made sure that anyone can not only get the most out of using the electric toothbrush, but that you can’t hurt yourself using it.

  • The pressure sensors. If you brush too hard, the Oral-B 3000 gives a warning light. This was a lifesaver for me because I have a really bad habit of pressing too much, which irritates my gums. After just two or three sessions with this unit, I broke the habit and now apply proper pressure without even thinking about it.

  • Quadrant timer. The “30 second indicator” is another must-have feature for me. The toothbrush will vibrate every thirty seconds to tell you when to move to another area to brush. This was also another bad habit of mine, I would either spend too much or not enough time brushing one area with a regular tooth brush. The Oral-B 3000 broke me of this habit, also.

  • The charger base holds four brush heads. This is great because in my case, with a husband and two kids, it means that the whole family can get all the benefits of an electric toothbrush without having to buy four separate units. Each family member has their own color ring attached to their brush head to reduce the risk of using someone else’s.

What Don’t I Like About This Toothbrush?

Overall, this is probably one of the best electric toothbrushes you can buy. But it’s not without it’s minor quirks.

  • The charger base is a little big and cumbersome. I had to find another spot for my favorite soap dish, but I’ll live. I love the fact that the base holds four brush heads, so I’m willing to give up a tiny amount of vanity space for that luxury.

  • Oral-B only includes one brush head. This is no big deal if you’re single, but in my case it meant that I also had to buy three brush heads right away so that all four of us could use it! Thankfully, they are reasonably priced, so it really wasn’t such a big deal. It’s a good idea to stock up on these anyway.

Those are my only two “nit-picks” about the Oral-B 3000. I’ve had the brush for nearly two months now, and haven’t had any issues with it at all. This is impressive to me because we have a total of four people using it twice a day, so it’s getting a good “workout” for a total of 8 sessions.

Is The Oral-B 3000 Professional Care Electric Toothbrush Worth Buying?

The main reason I purchased this unit to begin with was I needed my teeth to be nice and sparkly white in time for a family reunion. I’m happy to report that the Oral-B 3000 exceeded my expectations in this regard. I started noticing a big difference in the brightness of my smile in just one week.

After two weeks, my wife and kids commented how much better my teeth looked after switching to the electric toothbrush. I could tell a major change in my wife’s smile as well. I was even delighted to notice an improvement in the brushing habits of my children, it’s almost like they can’t wait to be able to use it.

Best of all, my dentist was shocked at the improvement since my last visit, and was really impressed by how healthy my gums were and how little plaque build up I had. I have to say, I’m more than surprised at how much of an improvement I experienced over a regular old toothbrush.

While I think sonic toothbrushes like the Philips Sonicare Flexcare Plus are more powerful and effective at teeth cleaning, the Oral-B 3000 Professional Electric Toothbrush is a quite a decent mid-level power toothbrush that works well.

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