Oral-B Professional Care 1000 Power Toothbrush Review – Mid Range Toothbrush that Cleans Well!

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I’ve actually used a number of different electric toothbrush brands over the years, and Oral-B has always left me satisfied. This particular electric toothbrush was specifically recommended to me by my dentist who uses it as well. I was pretty curious about how well this worked. I mean I’ve tried a lot of Oral-B toothbrushes but never this particular model so I just ordered the Oral-B Professional Care 1000 Power Toothbrush from Amazon and gave it a shot.

The result? Well, what can I say? WOW! It’s amazing. It’s a pleasure to use and my teeth feel just like they do when I’ve visited the dentist. Apart from the Phillips Sonicare toothbrushes, I’ve never really found a good power toothbrush, this one made my expectations.

This brush has both rotary movement and “in-out” pulsation which is shown to give best results over one or the other, as well as it’s unique, round brush heads that give the “cupping” action. It has a 2 minute timer built in which I find very useful. It just goes to show that I likely wasn’t brushing for a full 2 minutes previously so it really is a worthwhile little feature.

As for a downside, I would note that you need to ensure the battery is fully drained before you recharge it. Do this at least once a week or twice a month at bare minimum. I’ve since recommended this brush to a few friends and a couple have experienced quite short periods of time between charging due to them making that mistake. It’s the same with a lot of electronic devices. It’s not really a deal breaker but more of a word of advice. Also worth noting, is that the replacement brush heads are a bit costly. It depends what results you ultimately want, but in my opinion the “expense” is worth it.


  • Has rotary and “in-out” pulsation – shown to give best results
  • Extremely good level of clean after the full 2 minutes
  • Dentist recommended
  • Has a 2 minute timer


  • The replacement heads are a tad expensive
  • You need to ensure the battery is fully run down before recharging

Overall, it really is hard to fault this brush. The level of cleanliness it gives is just fantastic and I can almost guarantee it will amaze you. I always knew the quality of brush you use is important but have never experienced the difference quite like this ever before. I won’t hesitate to buy this again although I think I’ll pay a little more for the Oral B Professional Care Smart Series 5000, which I think as better features. But truth be told, the Oral-B Professional Care 1000 Power Toothbrush is pretty damn good and a worthy upgrade from the starter Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean, which may be more affordable but less powerful.

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