Oral-B Professional Care 8950 – 2 Handles & 4 Brush Heads (Great Value!)

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I’ve used a number of Oral-B electric tooth brushes in the past and have generally been pleased with them, they are well designed and generally work very well for oral hygiene. After playing around with a few new toothbrushes, I decided it was time to go back to Oral-B again. After a little researching, I went for the Oral-B Professional Care 8950 – 2 Handles & 4 Brush Heads kit, so I had one for the wife as well. The fact that this pack comes with 2 handles and 4 brush heads makes it a great value item if you’re trying to get someone else in your household started on electric toothbrushes.

I have to say, this is a cracking brush! It really is good. After literally only a couple of days worth of usage, my mouth just felt completely transformed! It just felt so clean and smooth, and it still does to this day… a good 8 months after the first use. And my wife agrees. We didn’t think we’d get this excited over something as mundane as a toothbrush but it really is something special. You just want to smile and show off your teeth!

What’s quite unique about this model of Oral-B, is that it works to actually whiten your teeth. I’m not exactly sure about the science behind this (I don’t care to be honest), but the fact is: it works. My wife and I are both quite big coffee drinkers and have both seen a noticeable improvement in the whiteness of our teeth. And that’s not just our own opinions, but comments from friends and colleagues too.

It has 3 different settings including a polish setting, ensuring you get the standard of brush you require. And the battery life is awesome. I should point out that most of the time for me, the charge time is longer than advertised, at about 20 hours instead of 16 hours, but that gives a good 2 weeks if not longer of use.

Like a lot of models, it has a built in timer ensuring you get your full 2 minutes worth and it also lets you know when each 30 seconds have passed so that you can change to another quarter of your mouth. The problem I would say with this particular model is that at each 30 second interval, rather than just beeping or something, it will pulse slightly and then slow down for a couple of seconds. This is far from a deal breaker but it can be a little annoyance.

So here’s a summary of the 8950:


  • Gives an incredibly good clean
  • Has three different settings including polish
  • Amazing battery life between charges
  • Works to whiten your teeth (and actually works!)
  • You get two in this set – great for a couple!


  • When it pulses every 30 seconds, it slows down for a bit
  • Charge time is often slightly longer than advertised (around 20 hours as opposed to 16)

As you can see, there’s not really a bad thing to say about the 8950. It really is a fantastic brush but also great value too. If you don’t get an amazing level of cleanliness and whiteness after using this for just a short period of time, then frankly you’re using it wrong. Fantastic product and highly recommended!

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