Oral-B Triumph Professional Care 9400 Power Toothbrush Review

Oral- B Triumph Professional Care 9400 Power Toothbrush is a superb choice for people who want their teeth to be professionally cared for every brushing time of the day. This toothbrush comes with different brush modes and even a floss action head to fight plaque buildup in between teeth.

When it comes to blasting plaque away, Oral B Triumph is one of the top choices as it boosts two types of cleaning action: rotation and sideways at the same time. This brush has a built in timer that sends a buzz to notify you when its time to change to the next section during a brushing session.

You can set the amount of time you want to brush easily and even see a smiley face if you hit the 2 minute recommended brush time. There is a fast and slow mode, massage mode for gums, and even teeth polishing. With this brush, you can visit the dentist without having your tail in between your legs and can be proud to flash your cleaner, whiter teeth every time you smile!

Oral B Triumph’s battery pack packs a solid 2 weeks charge if you let it recharge for 24 hours. While being one of the best toothbrushes in terms of battery charge life, this benefit does have a drawback. Its handle is rather big and wieldy compares to other models of toothbrushes within this price range.

Its cleaning power is also really strong with 40,000 brush strokes per minute. The rubber tip on the floss head brush works brilliantly, so you can bid your clumsy line-in hand flossing style for good.

With its superior dual cleaning technique, rotatory pulsations combined with side-to-side oscillations, this brush takes care of your teeth as well as your dentist does. Perhaps, even better, given that you are able to brush with it every single day! It comes with a charging base station and a travel case for your traveling ease.

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