Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Review

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Oral B Vitality D12513 Precision Clean has a lot going for it as a power toothbrush. It not only cleans superbly well, it is also gentle on the gumsand holds it charge for a bout week. It comes with a totally portable charger and its design is amiable too. The brush is sturdy, has a great grip and is really comfortable to use.

For those who are battling tender gums, Oral B Vitality will restore the vitality in them. The vibration and rotating motion swishes away plaque, massages the gums with little pressure.

The build up of plaque can cause bacteria invasion through the gums causing toothache. Oral B Vitality makes cleaning around the gum area so much faster and easier.

Due to its durable battery life, this toothbrush is perfect to bring along to short getaways. Another added bonus is that Oral B stands by their battery warranty of 2 years. After brushing for two minutes, this nifty toothbrush will pulsate to indicate that you have reached the optimal brushing time.

While this power toothbrush does not have an LCD screen nor different sorts of brush heads, Oral B Vitality cost only one sixth of the price compared to other fancier versions and brands.

Since it does an excellent job in cleaning and gingivitis prevention, this brush is definitely a bargain! Another tip to using this brush is to start brushing from back to front, moving from the outside to inside to prevent splashing of toothpaste.

While you may find this toothbrush sweet your gums, it also packs a load of brushing power.

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