Oral B S-320 Sonic Complete Power Toothbrush Review – Great Gum Massage Mode!

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I never anticipated being the kind of person who’d throw down a lot of money on a toothbrush. I always got the cheap ones at the grocery store, and if my dentist hadn’t intervened and recommended the Oral B S-320 Sonic Complete Power Toothbrush I probably would have kept on doing that. But after so many years of taking only minimal care of my teeth, drinking a lot of coffee and generally neglecting the health of my mouth, my dentist said that I really needed to step it up. I am really, really happy about the change. This toothbrush flat rules—I am never going back to the old prehistoric way of brushing.

The Oral B S-320 is a powerful solution for all of your oral health needs. It features three different brushing modes including massage, soft and clean, which you can easily switch between depending on your cleaning goals. To help improve the cleaning power of the Oral B S-320, it also features two different types of bristles.

The longer Power Tip bristles are designed to penetrate and reach the hard to reach spots while the CrissCross bristles reach deep between your teeth thanks to their angled design. This model also features two built-in timers to help you achieve optimal results, including a 2 minute timer (the minimum recommended brushing time by dentists) as well as a 30 second timer that prompts you to switch to a different quadrant of your mouth.

My Experience With the Oral B S-320 Sonic Power Toothbrush

After just a couple weeks my girlfriend hardly recognized my smile—but what a happy change that was! My coffee stains don’t stand up, plaque is toast and even my breath has improved. I didn’t exactly have halitosis before, but you know how it is. The thing that probably surprises me the most is how my daily regimen has changed for the better.

I actually get into standing there brushing my teeth for two minutes, three times a day. My dentist was warning me about gingivitis—that was four months ago. At my last checkup he said my gums were healthier than they’d been since I’d started going to him.

I like the “clean” mode better than the soft. But I recommended the S-320 Sonic to a friend of mine with pretty advanced gum problems, and she swears by the soft mode. The “massage” option is cool on the tongue and gums but feels funny if pressed directly on the teeth.

One problem is that there’s no warning when the battery’s about to die out, but after a little while I got into a good weekly recharging schedule and haven’t had any problems since. I just leave it on the charger overnight once a week.

My teeth are whiter than they’ve been in years, and the whole ecosystem of my mouth just feels a lot better. I dropped a Benjamin on my Oral B S-320 and that’s a Benjamin I feel really good about dropping. Manual brushing seems archaic and frankly negligent.

My dentist told me too that I was doing more damage to my gums brushing the way I did than if I hadn’t brushed at all. This thing doesn’t let me screw up my gums. In the first week I saw less “pink in the sink” and in the second week I saw none.


  • Unlike other sonic toothbrushes, the snap on brush heads only take seconds to remove and clean
  • The replacement brush heads are much cheaper than those used on competing models
  • The bristles are noticeably harder than competing models, which makes them way more effective
  • The “massage” mode works great for cleaning your tongue to eliminate bad breath
  • Lasts for almost two full weeks on a single charge


  • There is no battery life indicator so sometimes you run out of juice right in the middle of brushing
  • The placement of the on/off button could have been better because you can accidentally switch modes while in the middle of brushing but this is just a minor annoyance

I used to wear down a manual brush until the bristles were little more than weird whiskers. Now I replace the head on my S-320 fairly often—it’s about twenty dollars for a pack of three. You can really tell the difference, of course—as so many of you have known for a long time and I (and my girlfriend) am just finally gladly figuring out.

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