Sonic Toothbrush Benefits – Why Use Them?

sonic toothbrush benefits

They probably use sonic toothbrushes.

Unlike normal electric toothbrushes, a sonic toothbrush has the ability to vibrate at high speed velocity (more than 28,000 brush strokes every minute). This incredible speed generates dynamic pressure waves near the bristle tips of the sonic toothbrush, resulting in the production of bubbles which work to dislodge plague on the surface of the tooth. In effect, the sonic toothbrush can clean your teeth even without the bristles touching your teeth at all. It can work effectively as far as 4 millimeters away from the surface of your teeth.

What this means is that the sonic toothbrush breaks down plaque build-up in those hard to reach places, particularly between the teeth as well as below the gum line. As we all know, dental plague traps bacteria that thrive on food remains, producing toxins inside our mouths. The effects of the sonic toothbrush not only break plaque down but also remove harmful toxins.

A recent test involving the use of tooth enamel samples was conducted which proved the benefits of sonic toothbrushes. Enamel samples with dental plague were brushed with a sonic toothbrush and a non-sonic electric toothbrush. Results were then examined under a microscope.

The results were impressive. After 5 seconds of direct contact with the sonic toothbrush, 95 percent of plaque was removed from the enamel. And after 10 seconds? Plaque was entirely removed. In the next instance, the sonic toothbrush was held 2mm away from the enamel sample for at least 5 seconds. This means the bristles of the sonic toothbrush was 2mm away and not touching the sample at all. And what was the result this time? 65 percent of plaque was removed. The non-sonic electric toothbrush did not perform as well in this test.

Philips is the primary manufacturer of sonic toothbrushes under their patented Sonicare brand. In 2001 it was the best-selling rechargeable electric toothbrush in the US. The development and benefits of sonicare toothbrushes have sinced been backed by over 150 clinical and laboratory studies by at least 50 universities and research offices around the world.

Sonicare toothbrushes are hugely popular and there are many numerous positive customer reviews online about them. And all for good reason too. If you’re looking for a sonic toothbrush, consider reading my sonic toothbrush reviews for more tips on how to choose the right sonic toothbrush. You may also want to read up on how sonic toothbrushes work and how they are different from electric toothbrushes.

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