How Does a Sonic Toothbrush Work?

sonic toothbrush guideWho doesn’t want a beautiful smile?  If you go to the dentist you know that the easiest way to preserve your smile is to make sure that you brush your teeth regularly.  While in the past many thought that every toothbrush was created equal, this is no longer the case.  About 50 years ago the toothbrush market really started to change with the introduction of the electric toothbrush. Eventually the introduction of sonic toothbrushes revolutionized the field of home oral care.

The sonic toothbrush, also known as the Sonicare ® toothbrush, is different because it is able to move faster and in a way that no other toothbrush has ever moved, so the consumer gets much cleaner teeth but the bristles remain soft and comfortable during use.  The sonic cleaning action is unlike any other toothbrush on the market now or in the past.

The sonic toothbrush, such as the Sonicare ® toothbrush, is unique not only in appearance and claim, but also in function.  There are actually two mechanisms that come together to set these new electric toothbrushes apart from all of the rest. Of course, with these toothbrushes, the first function is the scrubbing that takes place when the toothbrush bristles hit the surface of the teeth. This is the way all toothbrushes work and is nothing new. 

The secondary function is what is all new to this generation of toothbrush and incorporates the latest technology.  The secondary mechanism is based on the speed of the bristle vibration.  The motion is unlike any other electric toothbrush on the market because the motion is able to move around the entire surface of the tooth.  The vibrating motion is also able to remove food debris and plaque from the teeth that could not be removed with your traditional toothbrush, or even the electric toothbrushes that were introduced to the market 10 years ago.

The speed of the bristle movement and vibration are what sets the sonic toothbrush apart from all of the others on the market.  The sonic style toothbrush will provide the consumer with more than 30,000 brush strokes per minute

In fact, this is being improved upon all the time with the latest models providing the consumer with more than 40,000 brush strokes per minute.  Other electric toothbrushes will only provide 2,500 to 2,700 brush strokes per minute, which just doesn’t compare. The reported sonic toothbrush benefits are numerous and well documented in clinical studies.  Who knew that the speed of vibration could make such a difference?

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